Gladys Stine  ‏(I67)‏
Gladys Stine
Married Name: Gladys Mentzer

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: Turtle Creek, PA
Death: 8 December 2008
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Turtle Creek, PA

Marriage Kenneth Roe "Ken" Mentzer Sr -
Death 8 December 2008
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Immediate Family  (F27X67)
Kenneth Roe "Ken" Mentzer Sr
1916 - 2010

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Close Relatives
Family with Kenneth Roe "Ken" Mentzer Sr
Kenneth Roe "Ken" Mentzer Sr ‎(I27)‎
Birth 16 September 1916 27 27 Allenport, PA
Death 28 September 2010 ‏(Age 94)‏
Gladys Stine ‎(I67)‎
Birth Turtle Creek, PA
Death 8 December 2008